Friday, April 13, 2012

Tom Petty 1978 Concert.


Paul 2 said...

Dawn, THANK YOU, for posting this. The Santa Monica Civic one of the two best indoor concert halls in So Ca, the other being the Shrine.

As a Sound Man" I'm really shocked that the vocal mike is a Shure SM 57 and not a Shure SM 58. The 'Industry Joke " about SM 57's (which Shure will most likly hate me for saying in public) are that they are good for four things. Snare drums, high hat cymbals, guitar and organ (Hammond B3) amps, and driving nails. Even a Shure artist like Ricky Scaggs admits he's been know to use one as a hammer once or twice.

Dawn said...

Paul2, That is too funny!!

Paul 2 said...

And Dawn, It's all true. Shure even admits it(sort of)