Friday, April 13, 2012

George Harrison, I Got My Mind Set On You.

Cloud Nine was Harrison's comeback album. He hadn't had a hit since 1981 with "All Those Years Ago," and his previous US #1 was "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)" in 1973.

 Harrison had the record for longest span between #1 hits. "Got My Mind Set On You," was his last single to chart.

 A lot of Harrison's work used unusual instruments and based on Indian music. This proved that he could release a song requiring very little thought and send it up the charts.

 ELO bandleader Jeff Lynne produced this song with Harrison. His influence can be heard in the backing vocals of the chorus. Along with Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty, Harrison and Lynne formed The Traveling Wilburys in 1988.



Paul 2 said...

Dawn, I dare you to post Weird Al's Version of this . It's called This Song Is Only Six Words Long. I think you'll love it............ or not.

Dawn said...

oh no... not a dare :)

Dawn said...

It is really funny.. love it!! He did a great job matching the words to the video.. LOL

Paul 2 said...

Dawn Thats' not the real video, for some reason it's off you tube. But you get the idea