Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tommy James and The Shondells: Sweet Cherry Wine, Crimson And Clover and Crystal Blue Persuasion.

"Sweet Cherry Wine" was released at the height of psychedelia. The two previous Tommy James and The Shondells singles were also trippy: "Crimson And Clover" and "Crystal Blue Persuasion."


Paul 2 said...

Stupid Blogger has dumped me 3 times already. So Here goes try # 4.

What no pots for Mony Mony and I Think we're Alone Know ? What's uo with that Dawn?

Cyrstal Blue "Trippy"? Really? When I heard it back in the 60's (yeah I'm old) I thought of it more as a mellow jazz (I HATE the term "Smooth Jazz makes me what to GAG!) with the acoustic guitar and Hammond B3 organ groove. But Hey, what do I know?

Dawn said...

Paul, Blogger is going through a big change this morning.. So.. I'm trying to learn how to post all over again.
I do not know if I like it or not..

I will post up Mony Mony and I Think we're Alone Know..

Paul 2 said...

Yeah, I was that looks like In April there is going to be a big change over. Whatever that means. You don't have to post them.

Dawn said...

I'm having trouble with posting pictures..