Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dylan Harrison Duet: If Not For You

"If Not for You" is a song written and performed by Bob Dylan, recorded for his 1970 album New Morning. George Harrison released a version of the song in November 1970 (Dylan had released his the previous month) on his album All Things Must Pass. The following year, Dylan and Harrison would duet on "If Not for You" during a sound check for the Concert for Bangladesh.

Released: October 19, 1970
Recorded: June – August 1970 at Studio B and Studio E, Columbia Studio Building, 49 East 52nd Street, New York City
Genre: Rock, country rock, country
Length: 35:21
Label: Columbia
Producer: Bob Johnston

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Paul 2 said...

Dawn, Oh course the "most popular" version of this song has to be the one by Olivia Newton John her first really big single.
Love that on WKRP. DR Johnny Fever called her" Olivia Neutron Bomb".