Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Buffalo Springfield: For What It's Worth.

"For What It's Worth" is a song written by Stephen Stills. This song is about protesting anti-loitering laws and the closing of the West Hollywood nightclub Pandora's Box. Stills was not there when they closed the club, but had heard about it from his band members. It was recorded on December 5, 1966, and released as a single in January 1967, it was later added to the re-release of their first album, Buffalo Springfield. I think the phantom guitar player is Jeff Beck.

From the album Buffalo Springfield
B-side: "Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It?"
Released: January 9, 1967
Recorded: December 5, 1966
Genre: Folk rock
Length:  2:37
Label: Atco
Writer(s): Stephen Stills

Paul2s, favorite video version of this song is from the CBS Sunday Night Smothers Brothers Show.


Paul 2 said...

Dawn , wow as a teenager in So Ca I remember the "Box" way to well. The riots were also about the LA County Curfew laws that if were under 18 years old you had to be off the streets after 10 P M. It was crazy The La County Sheriffs could be real jerks , I was almost busted for playing fressbie outside my house. anyway, a a group of teens from my church went to Hollywod (in suits and dresses yet) to see the film the Bible, on the way home Ray the driver got lost and made a wrong turn, and we wound up right in the middle of the" Sat Night Riot. oh Boy, we got out of there quick. If you want to " catch the vibe" of that time the film Riot on the Sunset Strip has it, but remember the Box was not on Sunset.

My favorite video version of this song was on the oldCBS Sunday Night Smothers Brothers Show,

Dawn said...

I almost posted the Smothers Brothers Show version.

Paul 2 said...

Dawn, Thanks too bad it's not the complete version, but it brings back memories

Dawn said...

Is there another Smothers Brothers Show video that I missed?