Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Next Step Part 2

Dawn, since you really like the Incredible String Band and William Eaton,  I thought you should check out the following groups.
For  "The Roots "of this music these 3 CD's are among the best, Terpischore, and Country Capers both with The New York Renaissance Band with Sally Logemann, and English Country  Dances,with David Douglass,  Paul O' Dette and Andrew Lawrence- King. If you can't find them at Amazon, Arkive ( I think I live there)will have them.

For music in the vain of William Eaton, try  Metamora ( I met members of the group in the early 80's )and Trapezoid. I like Trapezoids  earlier albums better than some of the later ones.


Dawn said...

Awesome Paul!! I will start looking for pictures and videos to post.

Paul 2 said...

Dawn, thats cool. Some people might call this music New Age, but it really is not. I 'd rather call it New Old Age Acoustic Music. LOL

Dawn said...

Paul, are there any you- tube videos of these groups?