Friday, June 15, 2012

Iron Butterfly: In A Gadda Da Vida.

ReleasedJune 14, 1968
RecordedEarly 1968 at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, CA and Ultra-Sonic Studios, Hempstead, New York
GenreAcid rockpsychedelic rock,heavy metal
ProducerDon Casale

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Paul 2 said...

OK , Time for Rock History 101. Dawn you know the story of the song's title right? You don't.? OK The story is the title was supposed to be In The Garden Of Eden Baby, but they were so stoned in the studio that they could not get it right.
Anyway when I was a college freshman this was the 1968 PARTY RECORD. The song took up all of side 2 of the Lp. If more than 2 people danced through the drum solo than that was a really good party.