Friday, May 25, 2012

Gentle Giant: In Concert(1975).


Paul 2 said...

Dawn, this is the classic lineup featuring Derek Shulman on vocals, (he later became a A&R man for Polygram and signed Bon Jovi, and worked with AC/ DC and Bad Company among others including Nickleback) his brother Ray on bass, Gary Green on guitars , Kerry Minnear on keyboards, and the drummer from another planet, John Weathers.

I love how Giant could turn jaded music majors into drooling idiots. I remember running into my friend Jan in the lobby of the Shrine in L A after their Nov 1975 concert. We could barley speak to each other. "Did you hear that 5 key changes and 4 meter changes in less than 10 bars. How can they do that?"
When I told Joann that you posted some Gentle Giant, she laughed 'OH No, converted another one?" Well Dawn there is no going back now. LOL. Welcome to the Gentle Giant Cult.

Dawn said...

They are amazing!! Thank you for sharing your story. I posted their homepage on the side bar, to learn more about them. Is Joann a Gentle Giant fan too?

Paul 2 said...

Dawn, yes she is but she has to be in the "mood", unlike me who can listen to them anytime.So Dawn I think you need to have the Playing the fool lice CD. It's like a greatest hits all done live and when I don't know what Giant Lp to play I can play this and cover almost all the bases.