Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yardbirds/ Fleetwood Mac/ Humble Pie: For Your Love.

"For Your Love" features three songs from Jeff Beck's first recording sessions with the Yardbirds: "I'm Not Talking", "I Ain't Done Wrong", and "My Girl Sloopy" (these songs were later released in the UK on the Five Yardbirds EP). Eric Clapton provided the guitar for the remainder of the tracks, which included the three Yardbirds singles (with B-sides) released up to that time and two demos which were not released in the UK until the 1980s (see discography for singles information). Clapton, who left the band four months earlier in March 1965, is not pictured on the album cover nor mentioned in the liner notes.

Released:June 13, 1965
Recorded: London: March 1964 – April 1965
Genre: Rock, blues rock
Length: 31:04
Label: Epic (Cat. no.LN 24167/BN 26167)
Producer: Giorgio Gomelsky, Manfred Mann: "Sweet Music"


Paul 2 said...

Dawn, very cool post, I don't remember hearing the Humble Pie version before.
Jeff Beck playing a 12 string, how cool is that. Eric left because he thought the band was leaving it's blues roots behind. He joined John Mayell's Blues Breakers and recorded one classic LP,that really started the Clapton Is God thing going in the UK.

Dawn said...

Thank you.. Eric Clapton is my all time favorite guitar player, which my family does not understand.. :)

Paul 2 said...

Dawn, The Music angle has a excellent review about the John Mayell Eric Clapton Blues Breaker Lp. As a fan of eric you neer to have this album, really his best work.