Sunday, March 25, 2012

Steppenwolf: Magic Carpet Ride.

"Magic Carpet Ride" is a rock song written by John Kay and Rushton Moreve from the hard rock band Steppenwolf. The song was initially released in 1968 on the album The Second. It was the lead single from that album, peaking at No. 3 in the US, and becoming the band's second-biggest hit, surpassed only by "Born to Be Wild". The song is also considered the first modern rock video.

Released: October 1968
Recorded: 1968 at American Recording Co.
Genre: Rock, blues rock, psychedelic rock, acid rock
Length: 40:25
Label: ABC Dunhill
Producer: Gabriel Mekler


Paul 2 said...

Dawn, Wow does this song have some strong memories for me. At our college station KHCR every one who was in the broadcasting program had to have air time , we had a "DJ in the program who was out of control. He called himself " Bagel Man" and would start his show with Magic Carpet usually yelling stuff like SMOKE Some' Or Light Them up" before Kay's vocal came in. The station mgt, made sure that he was on the worst shift ,Friday afternoon about 3pm, when nobody was around to hear him , but we ran "Air Checks, taping the show with out his knowing)and some times we "powered down" the transmitter. I don't think he ever found out' .

And As all good Star Trek fans know Magic was used in Star Trek First Contact as the music for Earths first Warp Drive flight.

Dawn said...

Paul, That is a funny story.. I guess " Bagel Man", thought he was being "hip". There is always one :)

In this video.. Steppenwolf, look "high as a kite".. It even looks as if one of them is wearing it. :)

Paul 2 said...

Dawn, it was the early 70's Remember Cheech & Chong were huge with their "Dope humor".BTW I later found out that Bagel Man was a drug dealer.

Dawn said...

I do remember Cheech & Chong. We may have a couple of their DVD's around here somewhere.. :)

Paul 2 said...
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