Monday, March 5, 2012

Small Faces: Itchycoo Park.

"Itchycoo Park" was released by mod band The Small Faces in August, 1967. Together with "Lazy Sunday", "Tin Soldier" and "All or Nothing", the song is one of the band's biggest hits and has become a classic of its time.

The song was one of the first pop singles to use flanging, an effect that can be heard in the bridge section after each chorus. Most sources credit the use of the effect to Olympic Studios engineer George Chkiantz who showed it to the Small Faces regular engineer Glyn Johns; he in turn demonstrated it to the group, who were always on the lookout for innovative production sounds, and they readily agreed to its use on the single.


Paul 2 said...

Dawn I'm a bit bummed that this clip leaves out the last organ and drum flange cross fade which is one of my favorite parts of the song.
Most audiophiles think the Mono version shows the effect s best. I have a killer stereo version on the Sire 2 Lp History of English Rock .

Dawn said...

Paul, I absolutely love/love this song!!

I will see if I can find the longer version.

Paul 2 said...

Dawn, there are a few just music clips at you tube look for the 45 single it should be in Mono.

Paul 2 said...

ALL Right Dawn, Now thats what I was talking about. Thanks , like you I love this song.