Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Faces: Live.

The Original Faces live video from BBC Crown Jewels. This is the video in it's entirety! Original date, 04/01/1972.
Rod Steward~Vocals,
Ron Wood~Guitar/Vocals,
Ronnie Lane~Bass Guitar,
Kenny Jones~Drums
Ian McLagan~Keyboard


Paul 2 said...

Dawn, some people think the Small Faces and The Faces are the same band their not. The Small Faces broke Up, The lead singer Steve Marriot left and started Humble Pie, with Peter Frampton(who was in Small Faces just before the band broke up)
Rod Stewart and Ron Wood left The Jeff Beck Group and joined up with the other 3 members of The Small Faces which included Ronnie Lane on Bass.

When I was in radio "The Rap"" about why Rod left the Jeff Beck Group was he was fired by Jeff for as I herd it from multiple sources that Rod "Put Some Moves " on Jeff while on the road .The things you learn from label A&R guys and salesmen

Dawn said...

I have a Peter Frampton, with Faces stored. I will post it up next..