Friday, March 16, 2012

Byrds: Mr. Tambourine Man

"Mr. Tambourine Man" is the debut album of The Byrds and was released in June 1965. The album, established the band as a band and was  influential in originating the musical style known as folk rock. The term "folk rock" was, in fact, first coined by the U.S. music press to describe the band's sound in mid-1965.

Released: June 21, 1965
Recorded: January 20 – April 22, 1965, Columbia Studios, Hollywood, CA
Genre: Folk rock, pop
Length: 31:35
Label: Columbia
Producer: Terry Melcher


Paul 2 said...

Ahh, The Byrds. Dawn I could talk fir hours about these guys. OK, for the record Chris Hillman did not play bass on the recording, so what! He was learning the bass,but became one of the best in rock. Also was a member of the So Cal Bluegrass band The Hillmans. Roger on a sound that I loved the first time Ii heard it, a "Rickie" electric 12 string guitar.

Dawn,the Columbia studios were on the upper floors of the Columbia Square on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood,along with the radio station KNX and Channel 2 KNXT now KCBS. In the early 70's I got to visit KNX and Channel 2, plus the newsroom, but never got to the studios, Bummer

Dawn said...

Paul, Thank you.. for sharing your wonderful memories with us..