Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Box Tops: The Letter.

"The Letter" is about a guy who gets a letter from his former love telling him that she wants him back, and the guy wants to fly out and see her immediately. The Nashville songwriter Wayne Carson Thompson wrote the song after his father gave him the line "Give me a ticket for an aeroplane."

Released: November 1967
Recorded: American Sound Studio, Memphis, TN
Genre: Blue-eyed soul, rock
Length: 45:33 (CD re-release)
Label: Bell (6011-S)
Producer: Dan Penn


Paul 2 said...

Dawn, love the song, and The Box Tops, but this is a really bad lip sinc and"fake job " . You should also post Joe Cocker's "funky" version, I usually don't like cover versions, but I love this one.

Patti said...

I've heard the song before, but I couldn't have told you who sung it. And even knowing who the band/group is, it doesn't ring a bell. Must be 60's or extremely early 70's, and I'm quite out of the loop with bands from those years.

Dawn said...

Paul I agree... but, I did find the humor in it. :)

I will look for the Joe Cocker's "funky" version.

Patti, I had trouble finding the album info. I will look to see if I can locate it.

Paul 2 said...

Now That's What I'm Talking About. What a Horn Section, and Leon Russell on piano. Man is that funky. Joe just let's it fly.
What happened to most music today? Wait I know ,no talent's with Pro Tools, and Auto Tune, go not perform live to save their lives............, .Ok rant over for now.

Dawn said...

I know what you mean. Maybe, that is why I listen to music from the 60s and the 70s.