Thursday, February 9, 2012

Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck Group: You Shook Me.

"You Shook Me", The song was recorded by various rock groups, including Jeff Beck on his album Truth (1968), and by English rock band Led Zeppelin on its debut album Led Zeppelin (1969).

Since the Led Zeppelin version was released in 1969, months after Beck's, he accused them of stealing his idea. This, along with the overall similarity between the sound of Led Zeppelin and that of Truth, led to a long rift between Beck and Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page. Beck and Page had been friends for years at that point, having both previously played as members of The Yardbirds. Interestingly, Led Zeppelin bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones had played the organ on Beck's version of the song as part of his previous work as a session musician.

In 2000, Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes released a version of this on Live At The Greek, recorded at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

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Paul 2 said...

Dawn, One more example of way I do not think much of Lded Zep, the wolds biggest rip off band. BTW for those of you will turntables Sundazed records as both Truth, and Beckola on Lp with the rare English MONO mixes. I have them both.
The Jeff Beck Group the real father of Heavy Metal, Zep not so much.