Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kinks: You Really Got Me.

Studio album by The Kinks
Released: Original: 2 October 1964 (UK)
Re-released: 6 July 2004
Recorded: late August 1964, Pye Studios No.2
"I Took My Baby Home": 24 January, Pye Studios No.1 "You Really Got Me": July 1964, IBC Studios
Genre: Rock, protopunk, garage rock
Length:32:55 (Original release)
59:13 (2004 reissue)
Label: Reprise R-6143 (USA)

Ray Davies got the idea for the guitar riff from "Tequila" by The Champs.

Ray Davies wrote the song "You Really Got Me" with the help of his brother and Kinks guitarist Dave.

The rhythm guitar riff was very influential on other British groups. The Rolling Stones recorded "Satisfaction," which was driven by the rhythm guitar, a year later.

The Who played the song, "You Really Got Me" at many of their early concerts. Their first single was "I Can't Explain" and was also produced by Shel Talmy. Pete Townshend played a dirty guitar riff similar to what Dave Davies' recorded.

The Kinks' next single was "All Day And All Of The Night," which was basically a re-write of "You Really Got Me".

Ray Davies said that the Van Halen version of "You Really Got Me" is his favorite Kinks cover.


Paul 2 said...

Dawn, of the greatest opening guitar riffs of all time. Legend has it that to get the guitar solo Ray yelled a insult to Dave just before the solo . Ahh brotherly love.

Dawn said...

Paul2, that is a fun bit of fun facts..