Friday, February 17, 2012

Full Albums: The Beatles: Let It Be.

Track 1 (Two of Us)
Track 2 (Dig a Pony)
Track 3 (Across the Universe)
Track 4 (I Me Mine)
Track 5 (Dig It)
Track 6 (Let It Be)
Track 7 (Maggie Mae)
Track 8 (I've Got a Feeling)
Track 9 (One After 909)
Track 10 (The Long and Winding Road)
Track 11 (For You Blue)
Track 12 (Get Back)


Paul 2 said...

Dawn, have you heard Let It be Naked? It's really cool to hear what the tracks sounded like before Phil got his hands on it .

Dawn said...

Paul, I don't think that I have..

Paul 2 said...

You really really need to.You can hear why Paul hated what Phil did to the tracks.