Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eagles: Peaceful Easy Feeling, Already Gone and You Belong To The City.

"Peaceful Easy Feeling" was on the band's 1972 debut album Eagles and this song sums up how the band was feeling when they were photographed for the cover. The single reached #22 on the charts and is one of the band's most popular songs. Glenn Frey sings the lead vocal, with Bernie Leadon singing harmony vocal and Randy Meisner completing this three-part harmony. This song was written by Jack Tempchin, who was a friend of Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey.

Tempchin went on to write "Already Gone" for the Eagles and helped Frey write his solo hit "You Belong To The City." Which was used in the TV series Miami Vice. In 1985, Frey acted in an episode of the show that was based on his song "Smuggler's Blues".


Paul 2 said...

Dawn I liked the first 3 Lp's but lost intrust after Bernie and Randy left.. My feelings can be summed up by the cult song by Mojo Nixon"Don Henley Must Die".

BTW before the Eagles Randy played bass in Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band

Patti said...

There were/are so many Eagles songs I loved. Except for a brief period when I was into hard rock, these mellower sounds were always my choice. REALLY loved The Eagles.

Dawn said...

Paul, I will look up both videos:"Don Henley Must Die" and Randy playing with Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band.

Patti, My Dad loves the Eagles and has many of his CDs.

Paul 2 said...

Dawn ,you also might want to check out Bernie as one of the "Burns Brothers" in the great group Run C&W. You have to see it to believe it, and yes there are some videos on you tube. BTW I have all of their CD's