Thursday, February 16, 2012

Buffalo Springfield: Rock And Roll Woman .

Released: 30 October 1967
Recorded: January–September 1967, Los Angeles, California
Genre: Folk rock, rock, psychedelic rock
Length: 34:07
Label: Atco
Producer: Richie Furay, Jack Nitzsche, Stephen Stills, Neil Young


Paul 2 said...

Dawn, cool post thanks . I do miss the Hammond B 3 organ riffs from the studio version. These guys were so ahead of their time 40 plus years and it still sounds great.. How about Bluebird and Go And Say Goodby next please

Paul 2 said...

Dawn, wow I see you added a link to Musicangle, Too Cool.Mike knows his stuff and I hope all of our readers go and check it out. BTW what did you think of the George Martin interview?

Dawn said...

Paul, I had a hard time finding a video for, the song "Go And Say Goodby". I will keep looking for a better video..

I 'm a huge fan of the song "Bluebird".

I could not find the George Martin interview. I will look for it again. :(