Friday, February 17, 2012

Boz Scaggs: Silk Degrees.

Studio album by Boz Scaggs
Released: March 1976
Recorded: September 1975 at Davlen Sound Studios & Hollywood Sound Los Angeles, California
Genre: R&B, Jazz fusion
Length: 41:28
Label: Columbia
Producer: Joe Wissert


Paul 2 said...

Wow does that take me back. A few things you might not know about Boz. Before he went solo he was in The Steve Miller Band for years. His first Solo Lp was on Atlantic, and then he signed with Columbia, Silk Degrees was his third Lp for Columbia. Most of the band on the Lp became TOTO.
And like Frampton Comes Alive this Lp was so huge that he could never really follow it up. I saw him at the Greek and he was amazing.

Dawn said...

I'm a huge Steve Miller Band fan and have seen him many times in concert.. So I wonder if I have seen the Boz and did not even know it.

Paul 2 said...

If it was in the late 60's then I'd say could be.