Sunday, January 22, 2012

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising.

"Bad Moon Rising" is a song written by John Fogerty and performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was the lead single from their album Green River and was released in April 1969. A wonderful song from a more innocent musical time.

Released: August 1969
Recorded: March - June 1969 at Wally Heider Studios in San Francisco, California
Genre: Roots rock, swamp rock, southern rock
Length: 28:47
Label: Fantasy
Producer: John Fogerty


Paul 2 said...

Dawn,I think you will like this CCR story.
I was working a car stereo show in Tucson in the early 90's for Sansui Car Audio with the new Ford Mustang 5.0 show car. 1800 watts of power and 15 speakers. It was a early Sunday morning and I told the car's owner Ron (From Japan) that we had to get some more music, the local folks did not like the stuff Ron had brought. So we go looking for a record store that was open early.
Found one and I got some country, and some CCR. We get into the car I fire up some CCR and Proud Mary starts, Ron's behind the wheel at starts yelling at the top of his lungs TINA TURNER. TINA TURNER . I just lost it. I had to explain it to him.

Dawn said...

Paul2, That is really funny! I have been to a couple of car shows, here in Tucson. Although, I do not think I have been to any of the Sansui Car Audio shows.