Thursday, January 12, 2012

America: Horse With No Name.

“A Horse with No Name” is a song written by Dewey Bunnell and originally recorded by the band America. It was the band's first and most successful single, released in early 1972, topping the charts in several countries. It was certified “gold” by the Recording Industry Association of America. This is a very meaningful song that touched the hearts of those who grew up in this era and I will forever be grateful to these artists...

B-side“Sandman” (Dewey Bunnell) (US); “Everyone I Meet Is From California” (Dan Peek) (UK)
ReleasedJanuary 31, 1972
FormatVinyl record
GenreFolk rock
LabelWarner Brothers
Writer(s)Dewey Bunnell
ProducerIan Samwell


Patti said...

America has one of those 7 "rock" songs on my MP3 player..."Ventura Highway." Totally love that song. Also, do enjoy "Horse with No Name" and "Sister Golden Hair."

Paul 2 said...

Dawn , thanks for asking me over. Boy Oh Boy the 60's and 70's, the days of working my way through college by working in college radio (good old "Slock in Mono" KHCR)and two record stores, man do I have some stories. LOL

Dawn said...

Patti, I will add "Ventura Highway' and Sister "Golden Hair, to the blog next week.

Paul, Thank you for joining me.. I hope that you will have fun helping me in my journey back in time. I can not wait to read your stories..

Paul 2 said...

Dawn , when I was at KHCR we had a "Concert Deal" with RCA records to help promote some of the groups on their "Custom Labels". The station had 99 cent "Little Nipper Trip" concert at the school (LA Harbor College ) that had for 99 cents Larry Gross, String Cheese, Swampwater( at the time Arlo Guthrie's back up band I still have the Lp) and Styx. Not bad for under a buck. BTW Swampwater blew Styx off the stage.

Dawn said...

Paul 2, Wow!! 99 cents for a concert.. and to see Arlo Guthrie's band, not to mention.. Styx! What a day that must have been.